123 HP Setup Scanner

A device that is used to copy the images in digital form is known as a scanner. Data is transferred to the computer after capturing the images. Scanners are available in many types like hand-held, feed-in, and flatbed. In most of the office’s hand-held scanners are used. To get the higher resolution the images are high-resolution scanners. Scanners display the images in colored and black and white form. For producing the higher quality images dots are counted because the quality of the canner is measured in the form of dots per inch. The quality of the image can be improved after scanning by editing. To get more details of the scanned images a tool is used called a drum scanner. Many apps or digital cameras are used to scan the images. But for business purposes or office scanners are the best source.

Types of scanner:

As the scanners can easily manage the documents, there is a boon to the business purpose. Mostly scanners were seen in the offices or colleges to keep the records or documents but now scanners are used by every individual to scan the documents. There are two types of scanners: flatbed scanners and portable scanners.

Flatbed scanner: This is the most common type of scanner that is used in offices and homes. As its name specified, it is placed on a flat desk surface. It has a glass lid that is flipped up to open. To scan a thick book, file, or magazine the lid is adjustable. You can scan almost all types of documents. Some flatbed scanners come with wireless or Bluetooth features.

Portable scanner: These scanners are very easy to handle because these scanners are handy and can fit in the pocket. You can carry out these scanners where they are required. These devices work after connecting with a USB. Portable scanners are used to scan only the documents. These scanners cannot scan the photos.

Other types of scanners are photo scanners and document scanners. If you want to scan only the photographs, images, etc you can use a photo scanner. Or if you want to scan large documents then you can use a document scanner.

123 HP scanner:

For home and office purposes, a 123 HP scanner is used. It is the combination of scanning, copy, and printing. You can complete multiple tasks with a single device like you can copy, scan, print, and fax. To scan the copy of images many apps and even digital cameras are available but people still use a 123 HP scanner for offices and business purposes. 

123 HP scanner setup:

You have to install the drivers for the 123 HP setup scanner. You have to install the drivers from the official website of HP. Follow all the instructions to set up the scanner. First of all, place the document on the scanner glass and close the lid. You can scan multiple pages at one time. For this purpose, use an automatic document feeder. Now you have to scan the image from a printer device. Almost all the devices have a scan button on their screen or a touch screen menu on the scanner. Now you have to choose your computer and then select what type of image or document you want to get. After completing the scanning process your computer will automatically open the scan saved folder. 

For 123 HP scanner setup you have to follow the following instruction:

First of all, search HP in windows.

Now enter your model number to open the HP printer.

To start the process select a document that you have to scan.

To get the results, select the matching shortcut.

After modifying the file choose scan preview or show viewer and then save it.

Now select the advanced setting.

Choose the destination.

Select browser.

Save the shortcuts by clicking the save icon button.