HP Scanner Not Working but the Printer is Working

HP is the best brand for providing quality products. If we are talking about laptops, Printers, or desktops, HP always provides its best quality. But sometimes it happens that your printer is properly working but your scanner is not scanning the images or documents. It happens that for the past few days the printer is working but the scanner is causing problems while scanning the documents. Many times the problem is with scanning the PC. Sometimes it shows that you are not connected to the internet. When you check and find there is no problem with the internet OR else you can replug all the printer connections if still there is an issue then you have to check the printer. In some cases, it is showing that paper is out and there are plenty of papers.

Solutions to Fix the Scanning Errors with HP Printer

There might be some possible errors with the printer that are causing the HP scanner problem. These errors have to be fixed for the proper working of an HP printer. If your HP scanner is not working but the printer is working then you can apply the following steps and resolve the issue. 

Check the compatibility: The major reason for the HP scanner issue is that your device is not compatible with the updated window. You update the window of your PC and the scanner stops working. To resolve this issue you have to check the compatible operating system or if you have to change your printer. 

Reset your printer: The second method to resolve the issue is resetting the printer. Resetting a printer can resolve the issues. First, you have to turn off your printer and then turn it on again. This will work 90%. This process will reboot the configuration of the printer. You have to just turn off the printer, unplug all the cables, and let it relax for some time. Now plug all the cables and turn on the printer. It will definitely work.

HP Printer and Scanner Troubleshooting

It is better if HP provides a scanner troubleshooter. You can use this troubleshooter to resolve all the issues related to the scanning and printing of documents for most of the printers. Following are steps that you have to follow for HP scanner troubleshooting:

  1. Turn on the printer and connect to the computer.
  2. Click on HP customer support and download the troubleshooter. 
  3. A file with the name HPPSdr.exe gets downloaded.
  4. Click on the start key to initiate the troubleshooting and select the printer that is facing issues.
  5. Click on the fix scanning section, the troubleshooter will detect the error and fix it.

Window image service issues: Microsoft provides a window image service acquisition software that allows you to contact the hardware of graphics like scanner and camera. You can activate this software to detect the issue with the HP printer to scan the documents. Following are the steps to activate this software:

  1. First, press the window icon+R together on your keyboard to give a run command. A pop-up will appear. In this pop-up type service.msc and then click on the ok button.
  2. Move downward and double click on window service acquisition.
  3. After that, a new window will appear. In that window check if the startup type is automatic and service status is running.
  4. After that click on the apply button and then press ok.

Reinstall the HP printer software: Another method to start the scanner is reinstallation of the HP printer software. 

Firewall disabling: If you are using windows 10 on your computer and your scanner stops working that means maybe the window defender firewall is interfering with the printer. The best method to resolve this issue is you can turn off the window defender firewall or you can install antivirus tools.


In this blog, you learned about the HP scanner not working but the printer is working and HP scanner troubleshooting.