Brother Printer Scan To Computer Setup

Technology is coming up with new things every day to make life easier and convenient. Similarly, the brother printer scan to computer feature has notched up the scanning game. Yes, you heard that right. Brother scanner setup enables you to scan a document or photo from your Brother printer/scanner easily and share it with your system or some other user. Isn’t that a fabulous thing? Well, Ya! Only if you have the proper directions on the Brother scanner setup. In this blog, we will enlighten you about Brother printer scan to computer function in detail, make sure you cling to this blog till the end.

Stepwise instructions To Ace The Brother Scanner Setup:-

To pursue the brother printer scan to computer setup perfectly without any discrepancies then follow this guide carefully; You can easily learn the Brother scanner set up with easy and descriptive steps mentioned below;

  1. On your Windows device, click on the Windows icon or button on your keypad.

  2. After that, type Brother in the Windows search bar.

  3. Next, you must tap on the Brother printer model and name number.

  4. Choose the Control panel option on your Start menu to launch it.

  5. Now, tap on the configuration choice and choose the Scan and File options to proceed.

  6. A scan-to-file configuration window will reflect on your screen.

  7. On this Window, choose the Scan format, destination folder and modify the resolution, brightness, contrast, act according to your preference.

  8. On your macOS device, launch the system preference Window. From the print and scan menu choose the printer you are currently using.

  9. Now, unfurl the utility menu and from there click on the Control Centre application.

  10. After that, go to the Software tab to choose the Scan to file option.

  11. Click on the ‘Scan to File’ option.

  12. Adjust the scan type and then choose the destination folder to save the downloaded file.

  13. Press the OK button to proceed further.

  14. Now, take the document or photo that you want to scan from your Brother scanner.

  15. Load it onto the Brother printer/scanner, with the scanning side facing towards the glass scanner.

  16. Now, click on the ‘Scan’ button present on the Control panel of your Brother printer.

  17. After that, choose the ‘Scan to PC’ option to proceed with the scanning bit.

  18. Now choose the File option on your printer.

  19. Finally, choose to start black or start color by clicking on the respective tab and initiate the scanning process.

That was a detailed guide for the Brother scanner setup. You can always drop by and refer to this guide for setting up the Brother printer scan to computer feature on your system. Enjoy the most while you can, because your tasks have been trimmed and made hassle-free. If there is something in the Brother scanner setup that you need help with, then feel free to get help from our technical maestros online.