How To Enable HP Envy 4500 Scan To Computer Feature?

You can level up your home office printer with HP Envy. HP Envy are all-in-one printers that provide dual-band wifi for easy and fast connectivity. In this blog, we will talk about how to enable HP Envy 4500 scan to computer and HP Envy 5530 scan to computer feature. The scan to computer setup is most likely the same for all HP envy printers. The scan to computer HP Envy 5530 is similar to that of HP Envy 4500, so let’s start with the process now.

Guide To Do HP Envy Scan To Computer Setup:

The scan to computer feature has eliminated so many intermediate steps of scanning and sharing a document either to an email recipient or to a PC device. If you choose to scan via HP printer software then you can scan to a format which can be found and edited. When you install the HP printer software then only you can access some scan functions such as Scan to a computer, scan to a memory device, scan to email, and scan using webscan. Below we have discussed how to Scan to a computer, follow the guidelines properly;

  1. To scan to a computer, first of all, download and install the HP printer software that is recommended for this function.

  2. Now, switch on your HP printer and the PC device.

  3. Connect both the devices using a cable or wireless connection.

  4. If you are scanning on a Windows device then make sure that the HP printer software is running before you start the scanning process.

  5. Though the Scan to computer feature is enabled automatically on the Windows device but in case it is disabled by mistake then follow the steps to enable it again;

    • Click on the HP printer software to enable it.
    • Now, navigate to the scan section.
    • Choose the Manage to Scan to computer function.
    • After that click on the enable button.
  6. Now, if you are using a macOS device then the Scan to computer feature is enabled by default from the factory settings but if it is disabled somehow then follow the steps below to enable it once again.

    • Launch the HP utility tab.
    • Go to the Scan settings and under that tap on the Scan to computer option.
    • Make sure you have selected the Enable scan to computer option.
  7. If you want to scan to computer with the help of HP printer’s control panel then, follow these steps written below.

    • On the right side of the HP scanner’s glass, place the document you wish to print by placing the scanning side down.
    • Now, click on the Scan option to start the process.
    • After that, choose the computer option.
    • Now, from the enlisted devices, choose the computer you want to scan to.

And Voila! Scanning Was Never That Easy!

Now you know how to enable the HP Envy 4500 scan to computer. The scan to computer HP Envy 5530 is very convenient and not so different from scanning on other HP Envy printers. You can easily enable HP Envy 5530 scan to computer from the guidelines mentioned above very carefully to avoid any discrepancy during the scanning process.